Monday, 21 July 2014

Using formula is not a crime

I would like to start this post by saying that I am a huge supporter of mums who choose to breastfeed. I think that it something to be celebrated and am well aware of the benefits.

I also support mums who choose to use formula and it really makes me cross when others try to put them down for it. I've seen it a lot, on blogs, social media and in real life. 

With both boys my intention was to feed until they self weaned,
unfortunately this didn't happen for me and I used formula. Perhaps some may think I didn't try hard enough but I did the best I could with the (minimal) support that I had and I will try again with any future children.

I read a blog post at the weekend where a commenter(anonymous of course) questioned why a new mum wasn't breastfeeding and after the mum replied they said that she had made a strange choice and that they felt sad for said mums babies.  This really wound me up. 
Firstly people shouldn't have to explain why they are using formula, some choose too use it, others have no choice but either way it really is none of your business. I see it happen time and time again where mums feel like they have to justify themselves and have done it myself, telling strangers that Alex lost a lot of weight as a newborn so we changed to formula. For some people it can be very difficult and upsetting to be questioned on this subject.
Secondly, why do you feel sad? The baby is being fed and is obviously thriving. Save your sadness for children who really need it, perhaps those who aren't being fed at all or those in war zones whose lives are in danger. 
Lastly I had to smile at the fact that the comment was made anonymously, seriously put a name to your comments if you feel so strongly, don't hide away.

I support all mums no matter how they choose to feed, being a mum is hard work without people putting their judgy pants on. Looking at my children today you wouldn't know how they were fed as babies, they're bright, healthy and happy the same as my niece and nephew of similar ages who were breastfed.

Normalising breastfeeding, promoting the benefits of it and offering support when needed is really important but comments like these do nothing for that at all. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

This week

This week has been a bit quiet to be honest. We started it being poorly and have had a couple of unsettled nights with the boys(I think it's the heat) so we've not been up to much. 

We started getting deliveries from our local fruit and veg man, I was mightily impressed with all this for £10 and have ordered another delivery for this week coming. I used some of the contents to make rainbow breakfasts. 
I have also had a couple of lovely parcels arrive. One from New Look with a new dress and sandals and another from This Modern Life with a couple of bits for Sebs room(more on that another day!).
My favourite buy of the week has to be these mason drinking jars. I've been wanting one for soad a couple fo long and I saw that Home Bargains were selling them for just 69p each so I got 4 of course!
Phil I have started watching Suits on Netflix, I'm enjoying it so far. I'm still waiting impatiently for the next series of Orange Is The New Black though(if you haven't seen it, you're missing out)

Of course we did our usual park trips and crafting too and my mum popped round for a cuppa and ended up taking Seb home with her for a sleepover.
What have you been up this week? 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

This weeks meal plan

I'm posting this a bit late this week. We totally stuck with last weeks meal plan(apart from having jacket potato instead of rice with our chilli). The jambalaya was lovely and we'll definitely be having it again.
 This week we're eating

Steak, sweet potato mash and onion/peppers
Slow cooked spag bol
Quiche, wedges and salad
Pasta pesto
Barbecue chicken and rice
Pepperoni pasta bake
Oven dinner

What are you eating this week?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Children and toy guns

This weekend when I went to my parents we popped into a shop to get a couple of new bits to play with in the garden. We grabbed a ball and bubbles and then my mum picked up some water pistols. Despite knowing that both boys would probably love them, I asked her not to buy them.

Toy guns(and other weapons) have been around for a long time. Last year The Museum of Childhood actually had an exhibition exploring warfare in childrens play from 1800, so it has always been there. We all probably played with the in some form as children, water pistols being the perfect example and i certainly remember boys in our playground pretending sticks were guns or swords.

Seb isn't interested in playing with these toys yet, he knows what swords are but not guns(as far as I know) which made it easy to say no to my mum but I'm unsure what I will say when he(or Alex) actually becomes interested in playing with them.

On the one hand the idea of my innocent little boys playing with weapons is disturbing. Violence isn't something they've ever seen and I would like to shield them from it as long as possible. It is odd to think of your children playing in that kind of way.

But on the other hand if they want to play with guns or swords then they will find ways of doing it even if I said no, in fact it will probably make it more appealing. Sticks, hands and Lego can all easily be made into weapon shapes so they don't need to actually own toy weapons to play with them. It is a form of role play(pirates, cowboys, cops and robbers) which has so many positive points to it and nobody is actually getting hurt.
I personally don't think it increases the liklihood of a child become a violent adult, if that was the case then the majority of my peers(myself included) would be violent.

I'm still unsure how I will handle this when it comes up. I can't see myself buying toy guns but nor can I see myself putting a ban on them.

How do you feel about children playing with toy guns and other weapons?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cloth nappy wishlist

I haven't been buying any new nappies since Cloth Nappy Week but the release of the Bumgenius Chaplin nappy has had me browsing again and making a nappy wish list.

First up of course is that Chaplin nappy. I love the print on this, but it looks like it will be hard to get hold of(especially over here in the UK). I have put myself on a list to buy fingers crossed I get lucky! 
Next is the new prints from Baba and Boo. I already have a fox nappy and find it works well for us. From the new collection I have my eye on the Seagull print and also the Crab print. Both perfect for some fluff flashing this summer.
I've read lots about gnappies but have never actually tried them for some reason. They sound interesting as the disposable insert makes them slightly different from other cloth nappies. I love this design and the bright rainbow coloured ones. 
We already own Tots Bots v2's, v3's, bamboozles and a couple of wraps but have yet to buy a v4. I like the Hickory Dickory Dock print in particular. 
So there you have it, my current nappy wish list.
What nappies are you lusting after?