Monday, 15 September 2014

Updating my wardrobe for Autumn

These days I don't buy myself loads of clothes. Apart from anything else, I don't often spend my days wandering around the shops as it's not particularly relaxing with 2 small people in tow so I tend to order bits online. On Friday I got to head out for an afternoon of shopping on my own and found so many things I liked. I ended up getting 2 new dresses to update my wardrobe for Autumn.

Floral dresses will always be my wardrobe staple and this one was from Pussycat in Debenhams.
I got this basic black jumper dress in Primark and picked up the statement necklace for a bargainous £2. I think pairing them together makes the basic dress a little more interesting.
I needed a new make up bag and this one is perfect.
I also updated my nail polishes, grey and navy are autumn staples on my nails and I love this mustard colour from Barry M too, along with my Chanel Rouge Noir polish I am set for Autumn nails now!
What have you been buying recently?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Supermarket Chic: Vintage style kitchenware from Asda

I picked up a copy of the Asda Autumn/ Winter home catalogue last week and was amazed to so many lovely bits in there. The supermarkets have really upped their game and seem to be offering some great affordable homeware so I thought I'd pick out a few of my favourites from the kitchen and dining range. 

I have a bit of a thing for pretty crockery and our cupboard is bursting but these bowls are so lovely and only £3 so I couldn't resist buying some. They are the perfect size for cereal(or ice cream). There are also teacups and a gorgeous teapot in the same range. 
As it's bake off season I had to pick out some baking items.
I love this pale pink and creamceramic mixing bowl and jug, so pretty and will last for years.
 This cream wire cake stand is perfect for displaying your creations.
When I was looking online I saw these seat pads which I would just love to have for our kitchen table. 
Do you buy homwares from the supermarket? 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Degustabox August

It's that time of the month again, time to tell you about the August Degustabox. I have to say I genuinely look forward to these boxes coming, I love the element of surprise when I open them up. 

  If you haven't heard of Degustabox before, it is a monthly subscription box containing foodie items so you can discover new flavours every month. This is the 4th box I have received, you can also read my thoughts on Julys box here   

As you can see, the box was packed full of goodies!
It's well packaged to protect the contents and again I cannot fault the delivery service at all. 

You can now choose between an alcoholic or non alcoholic box which is a great idea. I received both options in my box for the purpose of my review. 

Inside this months box was;
Mexican Dave's Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips.  This brand to me but I love tortilla chips so was more than than happy to try them out! I liked that they contain no MSG and they were lovely and crunchy. The at is huge and the RRP is just £1 so it's great value.

Cawston Press Kids Blend Apple and Pear. So I should probably have given this to See to try as it's made for kids but after trying Cawston Press drinks in previous boxes I hid it away for myself. I wasn't disappointed, it was really tasty and refreshing and I love that there is no added sugar. 

Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri. I am partial to a cocktail so I was very happy to see this included! Caribbean Twist is a brand I know well and i have always enjoyed their drinks and this was no exception. Fruity and sparkling, it was lovely to drink and I will buy this again. This is from the alcoholic box. 
Fever Tree Tonic Water and Ginger Beer. These are the alternative non alcoholic box option. I will be honest, I've not tried them yet but will definitely be having the tonic water with a large dash of vodka. 

Schwartz Flavour Shots in Mexican Fajita and Spanish Paprika Chicken. Schwartz is a brand I know and love and I have reviewed for them before on my blog. Flavour shots are handy recipe bases to keep in your cupboard to whip up a quick easy meal. Both of these are things we'll eat as a family, and I know they'll be as good as the usual Schwartz products. 

Dr Oetker Edible Wafer Cases. These cases are a brilliant idea, Dr Oetker really do have some amazing products to offer. I decided to get Seb baking some fairy cakes and we used these cases. I was worried the cases may leak or go brown in the oven but no they were still perfect. We used various Dr Oetker sprinkles(including the ones from last month) to decorate them. As you can see Seb thoroughly enjoyed using the sprinkles!
Berry White Organic Fruit Drink. These refreshing drinks are made from premium organic ingredients with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. I've not tried mine yet but am looking forward to it. 

Lindt Just for You Heart Chocolate Tin. This small heart shaped tin of chocolate hearts is so cute! Of course the chocolate is lovely, this would make a really sweet little gift for someone(or yourself!)
Brioche Pasquier pain au lait and pain au chocolat. We regularly eat brioche and pain au chocolat in this house so these were great products for us. Baked using authentic processes from the orgiinal Pasquier bakery back in 1936,  these are yummy. The pain au chocolat was my favourite, served with a nice cup of tea for breakfast. 
And finally this month Degustabox introduced Degustabox Fridge which is a 100% coupon to take to the shop and buy a chilled item. This month was Moma Bircher Muesli Multi pack. Unfortunately we haven't been able to try these as we don't have a Waitrose nearby and our local Sainsbury's didn't have them in stock but I have the voucher in my purse to use when we go near a bigger Saintsbury's store. I have tried Mona products before and have been happy with them. 

Yet again I have been so pleased with the Degustabox, I can't really find anything to fault them on. This is a box thay is well worth subscribing too for just £12.95 a month.

The lovely folks over at Degustabox are offering you all £3 off when you register with them. Simply go to their website and use the code 4W8MK

You can also follow Degustabox on Facebook and Twitter

**I was sent this box to review but all opinions are my own** 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Not Back to School

This week Sebs peers are heading back to nursery and preschool. My timelines on social media have been full of photos of beaming children in their uniforms which is lovely to see. It feels odd not to be sending Seb off but we have made our choice to home educate and so we will be carrying on as usual. 

On Tuesday we had a not back to school day. A picnic in the sunshine, exploring the wooded area in the park, getting up close to ducks and geese and buying some new books made for a lovely day and I think Seb looks pretty happy in our alternative back to school photos.

I have recently started a blog Secret Diary of a Home Educator to track our journey. If you are interested head on over for a browse. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Easy Homemade Brownies

I have a confession to make, I have never made my own brownies from scratch. For some reason I always thought they were complicated but after really fancying some I looked online at various recipes and made some of my own. They were really simple and tasted lovely. 

100g plain flour
40g cocoa powder
200g sugar
110g melted butter
2 eggs
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
50g chocolate chips or grated chocolate

Preheat oven to 180° and line a tin with greaseproof paper.
Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and combine well. Pour into the tin and pop in the oven for around 20minutes.
Serve warm with ice cream. 

The best tip I found was to remember that brownies are different from cake, they should be a little gooey so the knife doesn't have to come out clean!